Monday, August 29, 2016

HAWAII! {part final}

Our final day in Hawaii! We booked as close to a redeye flight as we could get because we didn't need to be in Portland until early afternoon, but wanted as much time in Hawaii as possible. So while we had to be out of our place by 11, we had the whole day to explore the island.

After cleaning up and packing up, we attempted another hike across the lava fields at King's Highway. It was a hot morning, but it sure was beautiful! We were hoping to see some dolphins in the bay, as apparently they often spend time there, but the lava rock (and remnants of ancient Hawaiian homes), white coral beaches and beautiful blue sea were enough for us!

We went from there to our "secret beach" for lunch, an ocean swim and some time in the sun. We stayed there as long as we could before stealing "showers" at Wailea Beach, grabbing some dinner and watching the sunset as we walked along Sugar Beach - back to where our trip started!

We left for the airport once the sun was down and made it on the plane with only one small glitch - someone left their wallet in our rental car. ...And that someone was me. Oops! It was hard to leave Hawaii, but knowing we were heading toward a fun weekend with friends, and then our babies (!!!) it made it bearable.

I will never forget our time in Hawaii. It was long overdue and the first real trip we've ever taken just the two of us - five years later! I feel like I could go on and on about Stephen, the man I married five years ago and the man that walks through our door every night - our adventures over the last five years, the lessons we've learned and the things we've conquered - the time we spent growing together in Hawaii... I could, but I won't. I'll bottle it up and tuck it safely away to keep to myself and share with Stephen when we need to hear something good. Because it is really, really good.

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