Thursday, August 25, 2016

HAWAII! {part four}

Hawaii, part I don't even know anymore. So. Many. Hawaii posts! I love dragging it out, though. I love being back home with our babies and starting our new fall routine, but a little piece of me will always long for such treasured time alone with Stephen. The fact that it was in HAWAII is just a major bonus!

So, Tuesday. I was finally cured of my vertigo (thank you, Stephen!) but I was still exhausted and decided that a tiny amount of dizziness was just something I'd have to live with forever. We planned a low key day and drove up north to Napili Bay where we explored the tide pools while waiting for our breakfast to-go from The Gazebo - banana macadamia nut pancakes! We took our breakfast to Ka'anapali Beach and enjoyed some time relaxing in the sun, walking the beach and sipping coffee. We eventually got in the ocean for a swim and dried out playing card games in the sand.

After our time there, we drove down to Lahaina where we walked around Front St. for the afternoon, stopping for shave ice at Local Boy's, wandering through their stores and ending with drinks and appetizers at Kimo's on the water.

We drove back to Kihei in time to watch the sunset from Kamaole Beach Park. We then walked down to Moose McGillycuddy's for Taco Tuesday - yum!

Somewhere along the way, my energy came back and the dizziness completely faded. I feel like so much of our vacation was robbed from my sickness, but we still got to experience everything on our list and it truly did feel like God had multiplied our minutes (the days feel so long when you're not keeping track of your kiddos and stuck to their schedules!) It was an easy, somewhat slow day, but a great (and beautiful!) one nonetheless!

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