Monday, May 14, 2012

on the road again!

And yet another roadtrip. By the end of the summer Stephen and I will be famous for them. 

On Thursday, Stephen and I loaded up our car and hit the road for Fairbanks. We got to take little Bella (our sister's dog) on the roadtrip, too. Though she had a nice cozy bed, she insisted on the backpacks. She made for decent company and I'm pretty sure Stephen let her on his lap a time or two... Just sayin'. The drive was, again, gorgeous. We made a stop in Talkeetna, a small little town off the main highway. It's apparently booming in the summer months, but it's not summer yet. It took all of five minutes to walk across town and back. We enjoyed the scenery and the chance to stretch our legs, though. We found our way into the clinic, too, because we could find ourselves paying off student loans in a town like this for three years someday. The clinic was impressive and I know Stephen liked hearing about all that they do. I usually stop listening after the first big word I can't pronounce. After many games of "twenty questions" and "see it" we made our way into Fairbanks, just in time for dinner. And since we've been here we've gotten to enjoy many more dinners, the company of Sam and Emmet, flying in the plane, walking, hunting (Sorta. And I say "sorta" because we didn't see anything to shoot and also because if we had I would have cried and pleaded for Stephen to not shoot it), shooting, watching movies, church, after church Taco Bell, Mother's Day...

And to our moms on Mother's Day (mine whom I miss dearly)... We love you both and are so lucky and proud to have you in our lives! You have taught us so much and molded us into the people we are today. You are both such beautiful and strong and incredibly funny and weird (let's be honest!) women and we would't have it any other way! We are who we are because of the two of you, and we hope that makes you proud! We love you, momma Ryan and momma Wall! Times forever and with all of our hearts! Thank you for everything :)

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