Thursday, May 3, 2012


Peace out, Nordstrom. I'm outta here. 

Most people love the last day at their job. And yes, I may have done a little happy dance on the other side of the sky bridge and am so excited and ready for summer, but I truly do, did, love my job and the people I got to work with. Which is hard to find, I think. I actually liked going to work! (For the most part. Let's be real. It is till work.) But how awesome is it that I got to spend each day with great people, doing what I love and spent 3 years of college learning, meeting all sorts of strangers and new friends?! It's a bitter sweet end. And ohh that Nordstrom employee discount... You will be missed. Almost as much as my coworkers ;)

P.s. Love the hair? Hate the hair? Anna told me I looked like a grandma and Husband told me I looked like a German milkmaid. But I also received a lot of compliments and "how did you do that"s, so now I'm torn and need your help deciding if this style will ever grace us with it's presence again. Vote now or forever hold your peace.

(p.p.s. one. more. day.)

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