Monday, May 14, 2012

"Never judge a captain by the size of his dinghy"

Welcome to Seward.

Last Wednesday, husband and I loaded up a U-Haul we shared with Ben and Amanda and drove our way to Seward, Alaska to put our life on a barge and ship it off to Seattle. (Moving to and from Alaska is proving to be very difficult.) The drive was gorgeous. Stunning. I really am going to miss the Alaska scenery... Our first stop was a local bakery for cinnamon rolls. Go figure. We walked around the docks, spotted a Bald Eagle, wondered our way through quirky gift shops, played at the Sea Life Center and then loaded up our container. It was a bit surprising and actually kind of sad that our whole lives fit in that box with room to spare. All the easier to move around the country with, my dear. But it is off to Seattle to meet us in August! And we are left with three suitcases for the summer. (I narrowed it down from four. You should be proud.) We sad our goodbyes to Ben and Amanda back in Anchorage. I can't believe Natalie will be crawling by the time we see her again! Already looking forward to girls night :)

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