Monday, June 19, 2017


Baby number 3 has sorta stollen the show around here, and while I'm super happy I've been able to keep up to date with documenting this pregnancy (because I am determined not to let it get put on the back burner just because it's three!) I've been slacking at documenting the rest of it all! Though if we're being honest, this baby is still all we talk about ;) 
We tried to take full advantage of Stephen having weekends off in May, especially knowing that at the end of a busy June, he'd be taking off for six weeks...! The weather was a little touch and go, but much preferred over this constant heat we're experiencing now! Mornings at the park, swimming and splash pads, beach days and hikes, lots of snuggles and lazy evenings... It was a good month! 

 ^^ We started the month out with a trip to the fountain with some friends! It is so great to have things like this across the street (and through campus) from our house! ^^
 ^^ Making my heart melt before 7am...! ^^
 ^^ My two love the Faber kids! And I love that my kids get to spend time under their Godly influence! ^^
 ^^ A snap from the pictures we took to announce our pregnancy. Baby girl is so excited to be a big sister! ^^
 ^^ Hot morning at the park/splash pad with our favorite friends! ^^
 ^^ Trying on daddy's glasses looking SO CUTE! ^^
^^ We got a mini van in May! Best decision, EVER! All I ever wanted were automatic doors that opened with the push of a button on my key fab and rear facing vents in the backseat for those rear facing babies ...My dreams have come true! ^^
 ^^ Salamander hunting with the Appel family on our Saturday morning hike! We also found a baby scorpion...! ^^
^^ Uriah's old (and favorite!) "star jimmies" have made their way into Ezra's drawer and I cried the first night we put them on her! ^^
 ^^ I got to spend a few hours on Mother's Day with these beautiful ladies, walking around the mall, snacking on frozen yogurt and playing "this is the wedding dress I'd wear if I got married today" at Anthropologie. - "One of the best parts of motherhood is the other mothers" ^^
 ^^ Crab hunting, beach walking, shell finding, napping in the sun and loving every minute of it! We spent an entire day at the beach and had some very tired babies on our drive home ^^
 ^^ Monthly Costco shopping cart picture ^^
 ^^ Bunk beds! We've been working on making more space in their room to play (and for the baby!) and getting bunk beds was the first step in that process. We were worried about how Ezra would do outside a crib (because Uriah's transition was awful!) but she has done amazing! Looking extra big these days! ^^
 ^^ This one made it's way into a separate post, but this is 16 weeks in May with baby #3! ^^
 ^^ Our evening venture to the sand pit had us catching moths over and over again! We called it our science lesson for the day ;) ^^
 ^^ Morning at the park! These two are such good friends these days and it makes my momma heart so happy to see them playing together! ^^
 ^^ Water park adventure for Paxton's birthday celebration! The kids were terrified of the large bucket that spilled water all over the kids play structure, but Uriah still talks about that lazy river! Stephen and I got a chance to ditch our kids with our friends and head down the tube slides together - getting flipped out of the tube might have been my favorite part of the morning :) ^^

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