Monday, June 12, 2017

19 weeks

^^ 19 weeks, as seen by my four year old! ^^

How far along are you?: 19 weeks exactly! I love that my weeks change on a Monday. This baby is orderly ;)

Baby is: The size of a gameboy! Ha! 6 inches long and over 8 ounces. I feel like my stomach hasn't gotten much bigger in the last few weeks and thank goodness! I started showing around 10 weeks this time around, noticeably to others around week 14, so it's been nice to hit a bit of a plateau before getting bigger in the 20 something weeks!

Movement: Baby is definitely moving, yes! I've been feeling baby for a few weeks now and his/her schedule is starting to regulate a bit. Baby is always moving in the evening right before bed while I sit and talk with Stephen and most often during the kiddo's nap time. Stephen has been able to feel it now too! Just twice, the first time being last week, the day I hit 18 weeks. This makes it so much more real to me!

Weight gain: To be determined!

Stretch marks?: No new ones! My stomach has been starting to itch more frequently, though, so I've been trying to be diligent about putting on lotion, exfoliating, stretching and drinking lots of water. (Not just for the sake of stretch marks, but if it helps...!)

Maternity clothes?: All maternity bottoms and some shirts. The shirts aren't necessary at this point but the maternity ones just hug my bump a little better/cuter than my non-maternity shirts and/or are longer so they've been in constant rotation. Dresses are still proving to be super comfortable, too - my stomach has just been so sensitive this pregnancy!

Currently craving: Since my second trimester hit, I haven't had much of an appetite. I am hungry, all the time!, but nothing ever sounds good or really satisfies. I've been eating a lot of basics because of that - pb&js, toast, bananas, cereal... Every once in awhile I'll really crave real food, something really filling and a little salty like Chipotle or Thai food.

Aversions?: The smell of salsa and pizza sauce (just while making the pizza, not while devouring it!) but nothing else!

Sleep: Sleep has been come and go these past few weeks. Mostly come, with the exception of my nightly "midnight" bathroom run, but several times I just haven't slept well. I'm not having weird dreams keeping me up, so I'm not entirely sure what it is, I just wake up feeling like I haven't slept. I thought maybe it was because I was still napping during the day, but the few days I skipped nap in hopes of a better nights sleep, I didn't notice much of a difference (except for the fact that I was asleep on the couch by 6!) I have been so tired this pregnancy and am eagerly awaiting that second trimester burst of energy! I've been dragging and it's been hard!

Feeling: Tired (so tired!), sore (my back has continued to hurt, one night leaving me crawling across the floor because I couldn't stand...!), so very unbelievably ready and excited, and super sad and anxious about Stephen's time away this summer. Basically, I'm a mess ;)

Working on: Names! I've had a running list of possibilities ever since we found out I was pregnant with Uriah and I've been going back to it a lot lately, adding to it and removing names every so often. It's hard having to pick one of each! Got any favorites you don't plan on using, send 'em my way!

Thinking about & anticipating: Ezra's reaction to no longer being the baby. We talked about it before we even decided to try for another, but of course there will be some adjusting for everyone to do and whether or not she takes to the changes easily, her reaction was never a deciding factor. I worry, though, that her contentedness that has gotten her through these first two years will start to disintegrate after the baby comes. Or! Maybe she'll be just as helpful and excited and understanding as I anticipate her big brother being...!

Recent baby purchase: A bed! And a carseat! A little prematurely, I'll admit, but we found them used by the same seller, both in incredible condition and at just the right price! I was anxious to get these big things decided on and purchased before Stephen leaves for Africa because I won't be able to talk to him about these things very easily and didn't want to wait until he was home, making them sort of last minute tasks. So we jumped the gun a bit! But I am so excited to have these baby things around the house reminding me of what's to come!

What are you most looking forward to?: Our anatomy ultrasound next week! Ahh! It will be SO hard to see our sweet babe and not find out the gender! Mostly, though, I'm just super eager to know that all is well. I always forget that things could go wrong and that maybe they'll see something that leads to further tests and questions, so I'm a little worried, but continually praying for a healthy baby. I just love that Stephen will get to be around for it before taking off! This might be the last time we get to see him/her until the fall!

Favorite moment this week?: It was definitely Stephen feeling the baby move for the first time! I'm sure he was about to give up waiting, because it's only strong enough to feel from the outside very so often, but I could immediately tell he felt it by his reaction! He had been trying for a few days, as I'd been feeling the baby move for weeks, and I love that he's been able to feel baby so early! Other than running out for ice cream (which he's done once so far!) it's almost the only part of pregnancy he gets to participate in!

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