Saturday, February 4, 2017


December, a month of friendship, outdoor adventures, advent, sibling love and weekends with dad

^^ Getting our Christmas tree! We picked a pretty one and, if I do say so myself, we had the cutest helpers! ^^
^^ Advent! Inside each bag was a bible story for the kiddos from their Jesus Storybook Bile, a bible verse for mom and dad, and a Christmas-y activity for either the kids or the family. In all honesty, it wasn't an every day sort of thing, life kept us pretty busy and entertained, but we had fun and learned a lot about the love of Jesus in excited anticipation of Christmas day, so it was a win ;) ^^
^^ Monthly Costco shopping trip and its obligatory shopping cart picture! ^^
^^ Evening walks/bike rides to down the bike path hunting for spiders and "raining berries". We certainly didn't complain about sweatshirts in December! ^^
^^ Christmas jammies and a Christmas tree! Two of my very favorite things! Those two on that chair just about killed me! I mean...! ^^
^^ Uriah woke up early one morning and was sent out into the living room to entertain himself and this is what he chose to do! My  budding little artist - I was so proud of him! ^^
^^ A site I will never tire of and don't see nearly enough of ^^
^^ I found myself getting a little sentimental peeking in on their room - I just love it and the memories they're making in there! So I tidied it up a bit and snapped a few pictures, all while they're wrecking havoc in the living room...! Just keeping myself humble ^^
^^ Oh just melting mommas heart...! They've taken to snuggling in the same bed while I sing songs before separating for the night. If I didn't think Ezra would fall right out, I'd let her stay in their all night! ^^
^^ So much personality, this one! ^^
^^ These two really became a duo the month of December. Maybe it was the Christmas jammies...? Either way, I'll take it! ^^
^^ Not much beats a morning hike! We took the morning off of school and called in our science lesson! Stephen even kissed his first banana slug, for good measure ;) ^^
^^ Off to church! Be still my heart...! ^^
^^ Playing with friends! We've been very fortunate in finding families through our church that I feel we've really connected with - whose kids we are adore and equally cherish ours right back! ^^
^^ Post nap scene ^^
^^ This one went to help daddy pick out new glasses and found a way to keep himself entertained. I would never wish bad eyesight on my children, but with ours, unfortunately, it's bound to happen. At least he'll look cute!! ^^
^^ One of our advent activities was to go see The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe at the Children's Theater. We went in a group with some of our favorite friends and took up an entire row of the auditorium with our wiggly kiddos. The performance was very cute and well done and the dinner after was delicious! It was one of our better Saturday's, no doubt! ^^
^^ These two...! When ever anyone asks about their friends, Ezra is quick to pipe up, "Ca-um!" ^^
^^ Lazy day fort making! This one stayed up much longer than we (mom and dad!) would have liked, but it was home to lots of movies, snacks, puzzles, card games, and Lego building. ^^
^^ Sleep girl borrowing brother's big blanket. She found this bear at a friends and never ventured far from it. I think we need our own! ^^
^^ We approached Christmas with the stomach bug and lots of sniffles and sneezes. Luckily, these two are always up for a walk outside and easily keep me smiling :) ^^
^^ A second annual Christmas Eve family walk ^^
^^ Christmas Eve! (I unfortunately (stupidly!) didn't take a single picture all Christmas morning! Though I guess that just proves that I was truly immersed in my family and the long, slow morning we shared and maybe that's not stupid at all...) ^^
^^ The one day we needed to use the car all week and it didn't want to start! So! I switched their car seats to Budge (thank goodness Stephen was able to bike that day!) and we loaded up! The kids loved it! I, however, was very pleased to have Edna up and running again ;) ^^ 
^^ Taking my new (their!) new ride out for a spin! Stephen got me my dream double stroller for Christmas (quite honestly, the best Christmas present ever for a baby/kid gear lover like myself!) and the kids love it just as much as I do! It is my favorite thing to have them face each other while we're out and about - keeps them entertained and happy and swooning all over each other! We actually had to stop once on this particular walk so Uriah could lean forward and hug her...! ^^

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