Sunday, February 5, 2017

"and a happy new year...!"

 ^^ Flying with this kid has always been an easy feat (thank goodness!) His little sister on the other hand... ^^
 ^^ SISTERS! Playing in the basement in our old sleeping bags while our kiddos looked on in confused amusement! ^^
 ^^ Snow day! There were several snow days, actually, and over their duration we made and perfected a sledding hill down my parents yard. Once it turned to ice (!!) the kids were no longer allowed to go down by themselves, as you could fly right through the sagebrush bush at the bottom of the hill out onto the street...! Night sledding while drinking (while the kids were inside with Nana and Papa!) miiiight not have been the safest idea we've ever had! But the kids loved getting out and playing in the snow! A bit surprisingly, California hasn't worn off on my babes too much ;) ^^
 ^^ Sleeping Ezra Lee ^^
 ^^ We left all four kiddos with Papa and Stephen at lunch time to have a 'girls day'! It included lunch at Bagelry (of course!) and some TJ Maxx shopping (because there's nothing else in Pocatello!) ^^
 ^^ I love when Nana gets her camera out and catches the kids in their "natural element"! Ezra could sit and read books for hours, I kid you not, and I love that Harper and Remi joined in because they couldn't stay too far away from her! Though I think Ezra had had enough of the attention by the time we left, I thought it was far too cute! On this particular night, the Hunt family had a sleepover so we could wake up and share our "Christmas" together! ^^
^^ We're going to DISNEYLAND! My parents sent us on a scavenger hunt all over the house, only to return to the living room to find a box full of Mickey Mouse shirts with this note on top...! We still have yet to set a date, as trying to match up Stephen's and Byron's time off is proving to be pretty tricky, but we're all looking forward to this trip! ^^
 ^^ "Christmas morning" shenanigans! Love all those superheroes! ^^
 ^^ New Years Eve brought lots of games, food, night sledding and a day at the trampoline park (which I have no photographic proof of!) We let the kiddos celebrate at the New York New Years Eve time and for the first time in years (!!) stayed up until midnight ourselves to bring in the new year! ^^ 
^^ Iron Man, Captain America and The Flash keeping us safe all. day. long! ^^
 ^^ How do you NOT laugh at that face...!? It's so hard to take her seriously when she's being disciplined! ^^
 ^^ I honestly can't remember what we were doing in this picture... We'd had a lunch date early during our stay... This might have just been a trip to the store...?! Either way, any alone time with this guy is rare and treasured we'll go ahead and call it a date! ^^
 ^^ These two...! Fighting on the bed! I saw these pictures and immediately thought of this quote: "I can picture a world without children but it has a lot less laughter and noise." They fill my house with noise, yes, but it is the very best kind! ^^
 ^^ Morning yoga! Nice try, Ezra! ^^
 ^^ Ashley and I took the big kids to Outer Limits (Remi's future place of employment) and let the kids go wild in the play place before teaming up and dominating an arcade game to get the kids hundreds of tickets. ...We're so cool ;) ^^
 ^^ Naked babies! They love bath time in Nana's big tub! And that sweet expression on Ezra's face?! She's looking at daddy on FaceTime! All the heart eyes! ^^
 ^^ There are no words... Except maybe that my kids looks like a chip and dales dancer... ^^
 ^^ Last morning at Nana and Papa's house! Uriah said a few weeks after we'd gotten home, "Mom, I miss Nana's house. I mean, I'm glad we're with dad again and I like our home and my bed, but... I miss Nana and Papa." Couldn't agree with you more, kid! ^^
 ^^ Ashley took us to the airport, as my mom had already left for the beach, and she wasn't very helpful at making the leave any less sad and sentimental! This trip was my last trip to my parent's house, the house I grew up in. They're taking off this coming spring for a life of travel and they'll be selling our Satterfield home. While I'm incredibly excited for them and their new adventure, I was mostly just sad to say goodbye to the place I've been coming home to for the last 9 years! ^^ 
^^ Another day of travels with my professional fliers, HOME to daddy! ^^

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