Friday, December 2, 2016


October, which was close to foreverrrr ago now has finally made it's appearance on the blog! It was a good month - a busy in the best way kind of month! Full of friendships and sunshine and visitors. 

 ^^ October 1st and the Halloween decorations are up! Maybe one of these days I'll get around to doing a Palo Alto home tour blog post... ^^
 ^^ Ezra and Iron man... Always! ^^
 ^^ Her pigtails... I can't...! ^^
^^ Some days they're worst enemies and some days they're best friends ^^
 ^^ Borrowing babies to cool the fever! Sweet sleeping Emerson at bible study ^^
 ^^ Walking the dish with Stephen's parents - lizard hunting and tarantula playing...!? We pulled that guy out of a little "cave" that was being guarded by a black widow! It was Uriah's dream come true! ^^
 ^^ Date night! They only come around when family does so they are greatly treasured! ^^
 ^^ Church with the in-laws! Loved getting to share that with them! ^^
 ^^ Post swim snuggles with dad and a sleepy babe! ^^
 ^^ We took Stephen's parents over to Moss Beach for the afternoon and spent our time soaking up the sunshine, catches crabs and collecting shells ^^
 ^^ Weekly library playdate with the Appels! Love these friends of ours! And that sweet little one is giving us all baby fever! ^^
 ^^ Post nap sleepy cuddles - thee best! ^^
 ^^ More play with the Appel babe! Ezra adores Shiloh! ^^
 ^^ Crackle the dragon! Uriah's halloween costume was a hit for the whole family ;) ^^
 ^^ Dancing in the RAIN! It rains for maybe one week out of the year here...? If that! These kiddos were loving it! ^^
 ^^ Friday pizza movie night! ...with the Appels! ;) ^^
 ^^ An afternoon hike with all FOUR of us! It looked and felt like fall in those hills and we were all soaking it up! Perfect Saturday! ^^
 ^^ Monthly trip to Costco obligatory shopping cart picture ^^
 ^^ Working out with dad in the morning, getting their push-ups done! ^^
 ^^ Another library date! For some reason, vacuuming the house and walking to the library turns Uriah and Ezra into the best of friends! I don't get it, but I won't argue or question it! Seeing them love on each other like that makes my heart swell! ^^
 ^^ Stephen and the kids still think the pool is swimmable long past my tolerance for cold water will allow! Crazies! But I love this picture of Ezra in Uriah's old goggles! ^^
 ^^ I have very few pictures of this one sleeping, so when an opportunity comes along to take one, click! I take full advantage! ^^
 ^^ Post church shenanigans with binoculars Uriah made in his class (to see God's way) How cute are my kids?! ^^
 ^^ After nap walk through campus and the arboretum to get some wiggles out! That little girl loooves Papa and her "I Love My Papa" shirt just as much! Couldn't pick a cuter crew to cruise around with! ^^
 ^^ Stanford Halloween party with the neighbors! Ezra insisted on wearing that alligator costume so she could match Uriah! ^^
 ^^ We got to spend a couple days hanging out with this sweet boy playing dog sitter - Uriah and Ezra loved him! ^^
 ^^ Where's Waldo and smoothies - Stephen's specialities! ^^
 ^^ Ezra and Callum - these two...! Is it too early to set a wedding date?! ^^
 ^^ Post church silliness! ^^
 ^^ Uriah gets to sleep in my bed once or twice when Stephen's working nights. I inevitably get less/worse sleep, but he thinks its such a treat I wouldn't dare tell him no! ^^
 ^^ Halloween hooligans! ^^
^^ Minnie Mouse ("Min Mou!") and her protective dragon, Crackle! Happy Halloween! ^^

Annnd, that's a wrap! 

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