Friday, October 21, 2016


 ^^ "Nana's beach!!" These two were yelling far too loud and far too often on our flight to Oregon! It was "Nana's beach" as we were getting on and as soon as we landed, "Nana!! Papa!!" like they were going to walk on to our plane and personally escort us off! I love that they were so excited to see my parents! 
 ^^ TWINS! Uriah loved playing with Papa's binoculars the last time we were at the beach, so my parents got him his own pair. Unprompted, this is how my mom and I found these two! So much of Uriah comes from my dad - his looks and his personality - and I couldn't be prouder! 
 ^^ I had no intention of walking up that dune on our first morning, but Uriah walked down the beach, looked to the right and said to my dad, "lets walk up the dune." So up we went! Uriah walked the whole way by himself, which he'd never done before, and Ezra insisted crawling up half way by herself before she would let me carry her! I was impressed! It's quite the view from the top! 
 ^^ I think he's in love...! These two are the sweetest and it was so fun watching their relationship grow. Now if only we lived closer! 
 ^^ Morning cinnamon roll (and coffee!) date with this little man! I hate that our one on one time only comes when family is able to be around, but we always make the best of it! (And then pray those moments carry us through 'til the next time!) 
 ^^ Visiting the bunnies! Baby girl couldn't control her excitement! 
 ^^ Nap time shenanigans on the porch - the original four! 
 ^^ Bums! And thighs...!
 ^^ Best view in town! Pacific City sunset
 ^^ Probably up to no good, but man they're cute! 
 ^^ Morning walk and snooze on Papa's back
 ^^ A morning on the beach! Love, love, love to see these cousins play together! I sure love warm Oregon beach days, too! 
 ^^ Exploring the tide pools and caves with my little ones!
^^ We made a spontaneous run down to the beach just because, but ended up with some great sunset pictures thanks to it! 
 ^^ Bundled up kiddos and a beautiful night sky for a bonfire on the beach! 
 ^^ Gone crabbing! From my little squish, to being on the boat, to all our crabs to the cutest siblings I ever did see - it was a fun day! Ezra wanted to touch and hold every crab we pulled up - she loved them! Uriah was a little more weary about it all, but equally excited about the crabs. Nana, as it turns out, isn't the best captain and Papa has no knowledge of weight distribution in a boat ;) 
 ^^ Ahh haha! Naked baby! In a sink! Covered in spaghetti! 
 ^^ A little snap shot of Ezra with her uncle Byron while Nana was taking kiddo pictures for Christmas cards! This guy knows how to do girl! 
 ^^ So, apparently, if you find a banana slug, you're supposed to give it a smooch! I was impressed Uriah went through with it! Our lips didn't tingle like they're supposed to, but it could be because we washed it off in the stream first ... yuck! 
 ^^ This is Ezra, in the car, hiding from our reality that was Uriah throwing an unimaginably huge fit on our hike, like, outrageously huge fit, and then needing to poop on the side of a windy road before getting lost on the way to the store for more diapers. I wanted to be hiding too, Ezra. 
 ^^ I got to leave Ezra with Nana and Papa one morning and take Uriah down to the tide pools while it was early and all the rocks were exposed. Our mission was to find a starfish, as no one had seen one all week. We found several (the purple ones were Uriah's favorite) and "saved" one that had been washed up by throwing him back in the ocean (he very well could have hit a rock, but I didn't dare tell Uriah that part) He was so sweet and excited and it made my heart pitter patter to get some alone time with him, something we very rarely get these days. He's so smart and inquisitive and silly. I never want to forget Uriah at three and a half. 
 ^^ Ezra and her best friend! She loves him a lot more than her facial expression would suggest! She was choosing Papa over Momma all week! 
 ^^ Found this lone traveler on the beach, a pretty rare site!, and the kiddos were pleasantly entertained. "I pinch, I pinch!"
 ^^ My cutest parents who never cease to love, support, spoil and encourage. We love you!
 ^^ I promise Uriah was laughing, not grimacing in what appears to be a death hold! But look at Ezra...! That face...! She is the definition of JOY!
 ^^ My munchkins. They are the reason for so many of my highs and so many of my lows. They are my smiles, my tears, my joy, my anger and my every ounce of love and effort. What a blessing to be their momma! 
 ^^ Today Ezra is wearing a shirt that says, "I Love My Papa!" Truer words have not been spoken! 
 ^^ Snacks on the porch. Currently, an Oreo cookie. Yum!
 ^^ Ezra and those bunnies...! She kept trying to feed them and touch them the first time we went to visit them, but, of course!, they were terrified of her! For some reason, our final trip over there proved to be successful for her - she didn't even have food in her hand and they swarmed her! She was in heaven! (Something I want to remember, at 18 months "bunny" sounds more like "money")
^^ Chubby, sleepy children on our flight home. So happy to have spent a week at one of my favorite places with most of my very favorite people. Thankful and blessed and happy! 

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