Friday, July 1, 2016

Uriah's 47th flight

It was Uriah's 47th flight that brought us home, actually, but his 46th that took us to "Nana's Beach" in early June. My best friend, Erica, is living in Portland and due with a baby girl this October. I had been hoping to attend or host a baby shower, but couldn't justify the trip with two kids for just a weekend away (with no one to watch them while I was there). My mom had the condo for a week, though, and while it made for a slightly early baby shower, I combined the trips and had a babysitter for the shower and a week of "vacation" to justify the traveling - it worked out great that Stephen was on a busy rotation, too. So, away we flew! My mom's brother and his girlfriend joined us at the beach and it was week of surprising sunshine and very little wind! I think I'm going to start paying my mom to follow my family around taking our pictures... So many great memories preserved from this trip thanks to my mom! Lots of beach walks, splashing in waves, digging in sand, swimming, eating, playing, hiking, tide pool exploring... I never want to forget Ezra's reaction to the ocean. She's been plenty of times since moving to California, but something about the Oregon Coast just did her in. I guess she takes after her mom and Nana... Nor do I want to forget Uriah's love for it, either. Different from his sister's, but still very much enamored. I love this place and these people! 

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