Tuesday, July 5, 2016


 ^^ Playdate with new friends!
 ^^ Bathtime splashing solution 
 ^^ If all we ate are donuts, does it still count as a picnic? 
 ^^ Exploring in the sunshine! 
 ^^ The house got quiet and I got worried - found him doing this! All the heart eyes for my little book worm! 
 ^^ Making milk "dance" - early morning science activity! 
 ^^ Refusing nap time = desperate attempts to keep her happy! She could accessorize (and then de-accessorize) for hours! 
 ^^ Quite possibly my favorite pictures of Ezra, ever.
 ^^ Twinning on Santana Row! Cutest shoppers I ever did see
 ^^ "Daddy, plleeeaaasseee?!"
 ^^ Evening at the beach with all FOUR of us. We're all loving having Stephen around on weekends! 
 ^^ OUT!
 ^^ My beautiful blue eyed babies. WHEN did they get so big and HOW did I get so lucky!?
 ^^ The sweetest scene! Little man woke up from nap just a little too early - nothing daddy's chest and a back tickle can't fix
 ^^ My crew! 
 ^^ My mini-me! 
 ^^ Children's library bathroom mirror selfie because the lighting had me glowing and my daughter is HUGE
 ^^ Last minute Tuesday beach days are the BEST!
 ^^ I have a small collection of heart rocks (nothing in comparison to my moms!) and Uriah knows I take them home whenever I stumble upon them. He's given me heart rocks before, of various shapes and sizes, and while I've always appreciated the gesture, this one really got to me - an actual heart rock! He presented it with such pride and love - he was beaming! As was I! My little BOY with a heart of gold... I'm so lucky to be his momma! 
 ^^ I nursed Ezra for the last time this week. Not because I wanted to be done but because my body already was. I was heartbroken - still am. After I cried my way through our last night nursing in our chair, I put her down and wished I had thought to take a picture of her in my arms. I waited until I assumed she was asleep and snuck back in to snap a picture. She was awake, just laying their quietly and peacefully. She didn't move when I came in, didn't budge as I snapped a picture, let me play with her hair, sing her favorite song and shed some more tears. She's just the sweetest. And I'm still sad, but change isn't bad, it's just bitter sweet. 
 ^^ Swimming with the neighbors before dinner. They are pirates and this is their boat! Looks like it's sinking, boys! Love having friends in such close quarters! 
^^ Hikers on the trail! 2.5 miles and zero complaints or breaks from Uriah - I was impressed! 
 ^^ I didn't even have to ask for these kisses! Gosh he's the best! 
 ^^ My little adventurer! 
 ^^ She marched her way up a steep slope chasing after Uriah and fell asleep about one minute after loading her into the Ergo. I walked the whole trail with a sleeping babe on my back listening to Uriah's stories the whole way talking with and giving one on one attention to my sweet boy. BEST morning! 
^^ Staring at horses... Uriah has already asked for one twice (and offered to let it sleep in the living room) and now she's enamored, too. Looks like we need to move, Stephen! Baby girl wants a pony! 

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