Friday, January 29, 2016

ten months

Size: Ezra is wearing size 4 diapers and 6-12 and 12-18 month clothes (mostly the 12-18 months ones ...hello, CHUB!) Uriah hit a weight plateau at this age and started thinning out, but I don't think Ezra has any plans to follow in her brother's footsteps. Comparing pictures, she's definitely chubbier than he was at this age. I didn't know that was possible! 

Eat: Ezra is still mostly nursing, 5-7 times a day, and eating solids 1-3 times a day. She is so interested in food and wants to sit at the table and eat if we are, even if she just ate and isn't really hungry. There's not much she doesn't like, though if it's nearing bed time she does get a little pickier. We haven't tried acidic fruits in awhile since they messed with her refluxes a few months back, so maybe we'll try some new things in the near future. Sweet potato, banana, pear and smoothies are her favorites, though she'll eat little pieces of anything off our plates! I've been making all her food like I did for Uriah, though finding the time is a little bit harder the second time around so her diet hasn't been as varied, but she (and her weight!) doesn't seem to mind! 

Teeth: Little miss has four teeth - her bottom two and the beginnings of her top two (they're well past breaking skin but still can't quiet be seen in her sweet smile) You'd never know based on her attitude, but she's got what looks like three teeth right on the cusp of coming in, too. Those top two teeth gave us all a little bit of hell, but, just like her brother, the rest don't seem to bother her too much. Thank goodness! (knock on wood!)

Sleep: Ezra is sleeping through the night (again!!) with the exception of the occasional 3-5 am waking, usually due to her brother sneaking out to join us in our bed a little too loudly. She can be rocked or cuddled back to sleep or to a drowsy enough state to lay her back down, but I've learned if I nurse her, she'll sleep in, so... It makes for a shorter 4 am waking for all of us ;) She wakes in the morning between 5:30-8 (which is a long span, yes, and all dependent on that middle of the night waking, or lack thereof) She takes her morning nap around 8 (assuming she slept through the night and got up at 6) and it is easily one of the best parts of my day. She crawls onto my lap clinging to her blankey and the three of us will read a few books before Uriah lets me rock her to sleep. It takes the light going off, throwing her blankey over my shoulder and about 3 rocks back and forth in the chair before her head gets heavy and her eyes shut. It's magical and I stay in there well past getting her to sleep just to stare at her sweet face. She typically naps for at least an hour and we're then out the door around 10. She might snooze in the car (or carrier or stroller) on our way home, but goes down for her afternoon nap around 12:30, after lunch. She'll usually give me another hour (plus) of sleep before she wakes up and gets to spend some one on one time with momma. The third evening nap is still come and go, some days more necessary than others, but more often than not she just ends up in the Ergo around 4 until dinner time and is as happy as a clam through bath time until bed time which ranges from 6:30-7:30.

Milestones: SHE SAYS "MOMMA!" Which she'd said before, but is now saying it more often and in the right context ;) She is also standing, all. the. time! and can lower herself down to the ground instead of plopping on her bum. The other day I caught her flipping pages in her book while standing...! So she's definitely becoming more balanced. It's so fun to see because Uriah learned to walk first, then stand and Ezra is doing it opposite. She's taken one step at a time and is desperate to walk, walking along the walls and with our finger, but I think we're still a month or so out from that. (UPDATE: I wrote all this a couple days ago, 1/26/16, three days after she turned 10 months, and today, 1/29/16, just before I (finally!) took these pictures, she stood up in the middle of the room with zero assistance and took three steps! She then proceeded to show off and took four steps two more times. I guess this walking thing is closer than we thought!) She waves (to everyone! it's so cute to watch her making friends form inside the stroller as we pass strangers on the street!), claps (about everything!), can show us "one" on her fingers, puts her hands on the side of her face when we say, "uh oh!", can show us how big she is when we say, "how big is Ezra?!" and can sign "all done", "more" (though that one usually translates as clapping) and "nurse" (we use the sign for "milk"). She is still saying "dada" and has her own version (really close to the real thing!) for "Uriah" and "doll". 

Likes: Ezra loves her boys - "dada" and "i-uh". She will follow them anywhere, smile and stare at them all day long and giggle at their silly tricks. She lights up when Stephen comes home and it melts my heart every single time. A daddy, son bond is one thing (an amazing thing!), but a daddy, daughter bond is a whole other ball game! She loves playing chase, hide and seek and jumping on the bed with Uriah. She loves her doll (thanks, Ashley!), the one girly toy we have in the whole house. She is always walking with her walker, reading books (she will be content to sit by the bookshelf flipping the pages of all her books for twenty plus minutes!) and playing with Uriah's superheroes. She loves the bath, being worn in the Ergo, anything outside and thinks standing on the couch is a huge privilege. She loves Uriah's cash register, the play kitchen utensils and emptying the (real) kitchen cabinets. Tickling, pretending to eat her toes or sniffing the back of her neck will get you a smile and a giggle every time! She is always babbling, smiling, content and happy. Always. Really! Everyone who sees her, knows her or spends any amount of time with her will tell me repeatedly how sweet and happy she is! 

Dislikes: Miss Ezra still doesn't like laying down in the bathtub, but she doesn't mind the water poured all over her face...? She doesn't like it when Uriah cries and either ends up crying too or repeatedly coming over to check on him (aka, crawl all over him until he pushes her aside). She also dislikes Uriah taking a toy out of her hand. Ok, she hates it. And, well, I think that's it...! I told you - happy and content! She gets fussy, don't get me wrong - 4-5 is usually a rough hour around here, but her unhappiness is always easily fixed. 

Things I want to remember: Her perfectly chubby, soft cheeks that I could (and do!) kiss all day long! The smell and feel of her fuzzy little head on my cheek. The size and depth of her leg rolls and wrist creases. How she fits perfectly under the dining room table. Her big, truly happy, joyful smile that makes her eyes disappear. The way she breathes through her mouth or heavily breathes through her nose and has such a breathy laugh. The way she stands up and then claps at herself for standing up. The way she holds my hand to her face when she's nursing. The way she licks the glass door (!!) Her "doy, doy, doy" babbles and the way she is constantly blowing her lips at everyone and everything. In general, I want to remember her joy. She exudes so. much. JOY!

To me, ten months is officially almost a year. Miss Ezra, you are almost ONE! I know they say "the days are long but the years are short", but the days are short with you, sweet girl - I just can't get enough! You are such a light in our world - so beautiful and sweet and joyful and goofy...! Perfection, if there were such a thing. You are loved deeply, baby girl, and I hope you always feel that in our warm hugs, endless kisses and bed time prayers. 

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