Wednesday, October 7, 2015

taking stock 009

Making: lists and plans - the Wall family is gearing up for a road trip! Oregon, here we come! 
Cooking: lots of pancakes and eggs. I haven't been able to figure out my usual meal planning since we moved - trying to find the cheapest place to get groceries seems to have me running all over town and Stephen's schedule is always so different I never know how many to cook for... Excuses, excuses... In all honesty, I prefer the pancakes, anyway.
Drinking: the milk at the bottom of the bowl. That's the best kind of milk. 
Reading: the Twilight series (with Stephen!) We're a little late to the party, but we've been reading through different series together since we were engaged and since Stephen picked the last one (all of the Hitchhikers Guid to the Galaxy series) we went with something a little more girly this time ;) 
Wanting: all the plaid and flannel. Too bad it's still 75+ degrees...
Looking: forward to Stephen's time off (TWO WEEKS, people!) and our road trip - favorite people, favorite season, favorite place... I can't wait! 
Playing: Candy Land. On repeat. 
Wasting: time. And probably money, too.
Wishing: that my babies would successfully sleep in the same room. Unfortunately, they're both relatively light sleepers, so we've been trying the shared room on and off for the last week, but they keep waking each other up and no one's getting any sleep. Ezra has been sleeping in the pack 'n play in the living room for months now, and I'm so anxious to get that thing out of there! 
Enjoying: these cool mornings. I'm used to fall not really feeling like fall right away because Boise was still hot well into October, but I'm finding myself more and more anxious for cooler days so the mornings have been a real treat. Sipping coffee in fuzzy socks while playing games on the living room floor with the porch door open... ideal! 
Waiting: for my babies to wake up. Don't be rushed, though, little ones! Sleep as long as you'd like ;)
Liking: my new doormat. Because I'm easy to please like that. 
Wondering: what this holiday season will look like for our little family. It will be the first away from family (though we've never lived with or near any of them, we've always had the opportunity to travel) and while that thought is a little sad, I'm excited for our first Christmas in our own home! 
Loving: Ezra's babbling! "abababa" "dadadada" 
Hoping: to get plugged in with our church community soon. I have been so eager to make friends since we moved, but things weren't happening very organically (or at all) in our last church so we recently switched and we feel so much better about this one!  
Marveling: over Sunday's sermon - still! It was a good one and it's stuck with me all week, seeping into my thoughts when things get quiet. 
Needing: a hair cut! Or at least a trim... I'm at sort of a cross roads with my hair, I think, and I don't know where I'm going with it yet! 
Smelling: fresh air coming in through the open bedroom window. 
Wearing: a mish mash of clothes - it's laundry day! 
Following: less and less. 
Noticing: Ezra's on the move! She's been able to get wherever she wants to go (and fast!) by rolling and scooting, but last night she took her first intentional crawl "steps" on her hands and knees in the forward direction (because she's been "crawling" backwards for weeks!)
Knowing: that my home wish list is far too long and unnecessary, but daydreaming anyway because apparently I like the pain of disappointment...? 
Thinking: about eating some Oreos... 
Feeling: sleepy. I never nap when my babies do and I always regret it once they wake up. And then I never go to bed as early as I should, either... Oops! 
Bookmarking: dining room tables and chairs. Ezra's taking over Uriah's highchair and we have the same bar height two seater table that we got when we were married, so there's no spot for him to sit with us. So many decisions, though! And my dream setup is both too big in size and cost, so...
Opening: packages! I love getting mail! 
Giggling: over Uriah's reaction to me leaving for the store this morning - every time I said bye or took one step closer to the door he'd run up to me with something new to say, something he and dad were going to do while I was gone. That and the run and jump hug I got when I got back made me feel extra loved today. 

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  1. You have the most beautiful family :) Just thought you should know that!