Friday, October 2, 2015

Nana's beach

Uriah thinks my mom owns a beach house on her very own private beach. No one's told him any differently and I'm pretty sure Nana is a-okay with that idea! The kids and I flew up to Oregon for a week in Pacific City at the start of September and got to share the week with my sister and her family. It was full of beach walking, sandcastle building, rock and shell hunting, wave watching, baby cuddling, game playing, toddler chasing, yummy eating, beer drinking, bunny feeding and girl talking (sorry, Byron!) Plus there were Oreos. 

 ^^ Aunt Ashley volunteering to get up before the crack of dawn and drive two plus hours to pick us up from the airport! But why wouldn't you when you are greeted with a face like that?! And Uriah who starts running through the exit before frantically shrugging off his backpack to run faster to jump into your arms?! We know how to make an entrance ^^
 ^^ My mom's aunt and cousin drove the crazy long trek from So Cal just to spend a couple days (was it even a couple?!) at the beach with us! The kids all took to Sally instantly (apparently, pretending toes are chicken is funny!) and I think the Jeep ride (^^) put in some brownie points for Seth ^^
 ^^ Uriah's never been hesitant of the sand, but this trip even less so than ever! The waves, though... That's a different story ^^
 ^^ What?! I was lonely ;) ^^
 ^^ She is thee most beautiful thing I have ever seen and I pinch myself daily that she's really mine! ^^
^^ Best friends for life, these two. They spent all their spare time doing whatever the other one was doing. I am so happy they have each other! ^^
 ^^ Nana was doing great with the whole "the ocean is fun and not scary thing" until she let a wave creep up his shorts and soak his underwear! ^^
 ^^ This little girl is so loved by her big cousins! Just like a little sister, already wearing their clothes ;) ^^
 ^^ Who else think the Hunts need to try for boy?! Harper and Uriah were mistaken for twins! ^^
 ^^ We didn't get the hat. The one we walked away with was much more hideous flattering ^^
 ^^ It came up in pre-beach trip conversation that we'd get to fly a kite while we were there, so Uriah repeatedly dragged his off of the porch for weeks in anticipation. The actual kite excitement lasted a solid two minutes ^^
 ^^ She just might be the cutest one ^^
 ^^ I'm not sure how Uriah fit in the front carry of the Ergo (or more like how I carried him in the front carry of the Ergo?!) but it made for a memorable walk back up the beach! ^^
^^ Mornings on the porch sipping coffee with a sleeping baby in my lap and a giggly baby in Nana's... Something I could get used to! ^^
 ^^ We had a random little visit from Sherri, Stephen's momma, while we were there and were so happy our Oregon trips overlapped! Uriah is a big fan of "Baba" (and now Harper and Remi are, too!) and it was so fun to share that special place with her! ^^
 ^^ He'll never deny me a kiss and I am always taking advantage of it! ^^
 ^^ Sherri bought the kids pinwheels while on the hunt for bunny food and so sweetly thought to get a blue one for Uriah... who walked right up to the pink one and claimed it loud and proud! ^^
 ^^ This kid is MINE! And I am damn proud. He is spunky and crazy and weird and goofy but his bones are full of sweetness and love. I have no idea what I did to deserve the blessing that is my son ^^
 ^^ A nap time well spent on the porch with my momma taking "twofies" and "authentically eating" my cinnamon roll. She's a good one, guys! How fun that my mom is also my best friend! ^^
 ^^ Sleeping beauties ^^
 ^^ The best pictures, ever ^^
 ^^ So. Much. CHUB! ^^
 ^^ He stopped at every flower he saw that week and proudly picked it "just for momma". The monotony in an act like that doesn't exist. I was a puddle every time ^^
 ^^ With the extra hands around for the week I was able to pawn the little one off on a very willing Nana and get some alone time with my oldest, that sweet souled boy of mine! During the day, I'll get him to myself while Ezra naps, but we're always confined to the house, then, and with one asleep it's so tempting to try and get stuff done. And when dad is finally home, though he'd happily take Ezra for a bit, Uriah is allll about dad and wouldn't be willing to trade. So this? It was perfect. ^^
 ^^ The girls! ^^
 ^^ My little Koala bear ^^
 ^^ Crazy eyes! By the end of the week he was floating all by himself - no help from momma or floaties! He was as equally proud of himself as I was! ^^
^^ I told you! so, much CHUB! ^^
 ^^ After a day of shopping with momma, Nana and sister, this little man was happy and eager to run around - so excited about the bridge, pier and crabbing equipment! ^^
^^ Remember when he'd just stare at uncle Byron and not let him touch him? Yeah, those days are over ^^
^^ I could believe that he fell asleep, but I couldn't believe he stayed asleep...! Just like that right in the middle of our loud and chaotic living room! ^^
^^ He made it about a quarter of the way up the dune all by himself before calling it quits (too close to nap time) but man was I proud! That thing is steep and it was HOT! ^^
^^ At the top! Though you can't really tell with the fog... It's so deceiving looking at it from the bottom or from a distance, but that last stretch I swear is a straight vertical climb! Poor little girl was covered in my sweat! ^^
^^ Porch hangs with Nana! ^^
^^ Beach fire on the Hunts' last night! He was amazed by it (as you can see!) and even though it didn't last too long (too close to bedtime) it was fun to share that with him ^^
^^ One final walk for coffee and bunny visiting, aka chasing ^^
^^ A freeze frame from a video Nana got of him singing his ABC's. I can't stop staring at this one! I can hear his little giggle when I see that smile... He is perfection! ^^

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  1. so fun! I love all those chub pictures! so glad you got family time in Oregon :)