Saturday, August 1, 2015

four months

Size: At 4 months old Ezra is in size 3-6 month clothes (but just so!) and size 3 diapers. She weighs 18 pounds, in the 95th percentile for weight, and is 27 inches tall, in the 99th percentile for height! 

Eat: Exclusively breastfed (still haven't tried giving her a bottle) but starting to show interest in food! She's always following my fork to my mouth and reaching for things on my plate! She eats about every 3 hours. 

Sleep: So... Ezra was sleeping through the night right up until a week or so before she turned 4 months. I assumed the move had just taken a toll on her and gave her some time to re-adjust, but she's still waking up once or twice a night, more often than not staying awake for an hour around 3-4 am. This momma is tired! I upped her bedtime to 7:30, because pushing it until 8 or 9 became too hard, and she's usually up for the day shortly after Uriah and I, sometime between 6-7. She's taking 4 naps a day, usually one on the go either in the car seat or carrier, but her naps are starting to become fairly consistent. When she's not on the move, she does like to be (need to be!) rocked and snuggled to sleep, and as much as I enjoy that time, I would much prefer if she could go down for a nap on her own (and occasionally she does! usually when she's left under her play mat or in her rocker because I have to "deal with" her brother) This month: sleep training!

Movement: The girl is on the move! Well, sorta. After she learned how to roll over she stopped doing it, until recently. You'll quite often find her on her belly, now, though she doesn't roll back to her back very often, even though she can...?! Between rolling over, rolling on to her side and grabbing things to bring her closer to them, she's almost never in the same spot as she was when I put her down! She's able to intentionally reach for things now, too. Her reach can still be a little shaky, but girl knows what she wants and tries so hard to get it! 

Accomplishments: Ok, so maybe these aren't "accomplishments", but I don't know what else to call them - "things she does"...?! Ezra LAUGHS!! The first few times a few giggles came out, it's like it scared her and she'd end up big eyed letting out a little pterodactyl scream! More and more she's letting those giggles come out though and it is music to my ears! She drools! (like crazy!) Plays with and chews her toes (which I love!) Chews on and sucks her fingers (most often her middle and pointer finger. Occasionally she'll get her thumb in there, too) Squeals (!!!) Blows out her diapers at least once a day (awesome!) Can hold onto her toys (and has favorites! - the rattle lion on her play mat, her Eric Carle caterpillar and her rainbow rings)

Likes: More than anything, she still loves attention! She loves eye contact and being talked to and swooned over (what girl doesn't?!) She can make anyone feel like a million bucks because she will smile at anyone who so much as glances at her, smiles at her or says her name. And the girl smiles with her whole body! Her eyes squint up and disappear, her mouth opens so wide and her whole body crunches into a ball. She loves her brother's voice and watches everything he does. She loves to sit up (she is always in a crunch!) and stand up (she can hold almost all of her body weight on those chubby thighs!) She loves to be snuggled - rocked, bounced and sang to. She likes her binki and snuggling with a blanket. She likes when you play with her feet and tickle her neck. She likes the carrier and her car seat (thank goodness!) and is getting used to the stroller. She loves being outside - the breeze, sunshine and fresh air. Honestly, there isn't much she doesn't like and has been such an easy going, sweet tempered baby!  

Dislikes: She gets startled easily - doesn't like loud sudden noises. She'll cry when her brother cries, when she's reached the point of "over tired" and "starving" and, that's it! Really, you almost never hear her cry. She'll babble and grunt and moan and squeal, but her cries are limited. We just spent almost two weeks away from home, traveling on a new schedule with lots of new people and activities and they'd all say the same thing - she's such an easy baby! 

Things I want to remember: Her neck rolls (that seem to be endless!) that collect all her drool and need to be cleaned out frequently! The way she sucks in a bunch of air when she's excited (most often in response to something her brother said or did!) Her death grip on my shirt or necklace when she's nursing or being rocked to sleep. How she smiles with her whole body! Her little tiny features... The way she raises her eyebrows but doesn't get any forehead wrinkles. The way she'll crane her neck all the way around at the sound of daddy's voice. The way she sucks and chews on the Ergo and prefers it over her binki. 

Four months is good, you guys! Good! Everything is new and she's starting to discover it all! I'm so happy I get to be the one who discovers it with her! Jesus knew what He was doing when he gave us this sweet babe. She is such a perfect addition to our little family. We've been so blessed by her these last 4 months and all that she's taught us! So excited for all the giggles and accomplishments to come! 


  1. My daughter stopped sleeping through the night after we went on a trip. I used to get her up right when I heard her cry. Finally, I started letting her cry for 10-15 minutes (easier when she moved into her own room) and she got back into sleeping through the night again. I don't know if that helps at all but hang in there! She'll get back on schedule soon enough. :)

  2. Oh, baby...she's the sweetest! (mom)