Wednesday, August 5, 2015

a collaboration with ShopPinkBlush and PinkBlush Maternity

Ok, so I'm no fashion blogger (clearly. these pictures were taken and edited on my iPhone.) I tried to be once because I was like, "Hey! I like clothes, I studied this in college, I won't look silly taking selfies with my point and shoot camera in my apartment..." but that was a big fat fail for very obvious reasons and it's truthfully too embarrassing to look back on. And now I'm a mom and it's even harder to think about fashion blogging, or fashion in general, because black leggings, a pajama shirt and yesterday's french braid don't exactly scream "Bloglovin' top hit!" But when PinkBlush reached out to me in hopes that I would share their brand with my readers (hey, that's you!) I gladly accepted the opportunity.

In the spring, I put out a cry for help on Instagram when I was shopping for a dress for Stephen's graduation. I wanted something cute and trendy (dare I say, a little sexy) that was nursing friendly but wouldn't break the bank and apparently that combo is hard to come by because I was having a hell of a time finding something! Thankfully, a couple people recommended PinkBlush - a trendy online women's boutique with both maternity and non-maternity (and affordable!) clothes. I have been keeping their site in my online shopping wish list ever since and I have been so thrilled with the pieces I ordered through this collaboration to share with you!

^^ These printed palazzo pants really have me feelin' like I'm still in my pajamas - major bonus to being in style and cute! You can find them on the ShopPinkBlush website, here ^^

^^ This tank saw it's way to a firehouse with a busy awe struck two year old AND is loose enough to lift up easy for nursing a hungry little 18 pound 4 month old (without showing off my entire backside) - WIN! Shop this tank top, here ^^

^^ I saved the best for last... THIS DRESS...! Not only is it nursing friendly, maternity friendly and budget friendly, it is just SO PRETTY! The colors on this dress are unreal and the fabric is so lightweight (and comfortable!) it's easy to wear all day. I wore it to church on Sunday (my first time to church without Stephen, ever!) and plan on wearing it on our next date night (because Stephen loves it just as much as I do!) Shop this dress (in lots of colors!), here ^^

No offense to my photographers, but my pictures are terrible, I realize that. BUT! The clothes are not. ShopPinkBlush and PinkBlush Maternity officially have my stamp of approval. Not that you were waiting for it it go shopping, but, now you have it. It's there. Go shop!


  1. You look gorgeous + I need those pants asap!

  2. I am a dang good photographer, thank you very much!! :)

  3. Hey! I AM a dang good photographer (i.e. the last post here on your blog!) but my pictures of your cute outfit didn't even make the cut?!!! (love mom)