Friday, April 17, 2015

that newborn smell

How beautiful are my two babies?! My mom was still in town when Ezra turned one week old, so we turned on her camera ;) I am so thankful for my mother's talent and that I have these to look back on - my baby girl at one week old. I swear you can almost smell that delicious newborn smell just looking at these pictures... It has already been a year and yet just a day since she was born - motherhood is a beautifully crazy thing and I am so blessed to be experiencing it with these loves. 

The pink hat Ezra's wearing was a gift from our friend, Steff Winder. Steff (and her husband, John, and their two boys, Trevor and Carson) has been apart of our lives for many years now, Stephen's even longer than mine. They are somehow our siblings, parents, friends and mentors all in one - Uriah's God parents, too. Well, Steff's mother made the hat Ezra is wearing, Uriah received one, too. She made them years ago, before she passed away, and Steff chose to gift them to us - some of her mother's last creations. How special is that? 


  1. I thoroughly LOVE these pictures! Your mom is so talented!

    1. Thank you, friend! Im so grateful she's always willing to take our pictures! Haha!