Wednesday, December 10, 2014


How far along are you?: twenty-four weeks. OVER half way? I remember this feeling when I was pregnant with Uriah - It has been dragging but somehow flying by at the same time! 

Baby is: the size of an ear of corn! 8.5 inches and 1.5 pounds. Pounds?! So I can officially attribute some of this weight gain to baby, right? ;)

Obsessing over: all the babies!! You guys! So many of my real life friends and my "I wish they were my real life, Instagram" friends just had babies, are in the middle of it all like me or just finding out and announcing their sweet news! 

Favorite moment this week: this hasn't been in the last week, but it has been since my last update... Finding out we're having a GIRL! Even though I had a feeling, it took me a long time to actually grasp the idea and get used to it. Maybe I'm still not used to it yet... I've always wanted a girl, assumed I would have a girl and am thrilled, but a little nervous, now, too. I know how to do boys! But it's a good kind of nervous. Like, oh my gosh, I get to experience the relationship I have with my mom from the other side, this is going to be so crazy, fun nervous! 

Feeling: so many aches and pains and cramps. I'm feeling 35 weeks pregnant, not 24! The back pain that I didn't get with Uriah until 30+ weeks, the cramps I didn't get until the day before I delivered, the random, sharp round ligament pains I never got the first time around... I know each pregnancy is different, but my gosh, little girl! Give your momma a break! 

Working on: working out. Well, not really. This pregnancy had me bogged down for a long time, and now that I've got my energy back, I've been having to sorta force myself into being more active - I got so used to lounging on the couch! So, little by little, while my energy lasts, I've been trying to go on more walks and pop a few squats while ;) 

Thinking about: labor...! Which I really shouldn't spend too much time on because, well because it's labor...! I just keep thinking it will be the same as last time, but I know that it will be so different, perfect for her and for us, but different, and that scares me, the different part, the not knowing part, the part I can't fully be prepared for. 

Anticipating: my next doctor's appointment - per usual. They're still every four weeks, so I won't be going in again until after Christmas. I'm already nervous as to what the scale is going to say after all those goodies I plan on baking and eating at my mom's house because I'm already at my halfway mark for what I should be gaining and women tend to gain more and gain it more quickly in the last 10 weeks, so... think thin! It's also my glucose test appointment. I'm neither dreading or looking forward to that orange drink, but I'm already anticipating the results. Both for gestational diabetes (because of the problem listed above) and because last time (and multiple times in my life not pregnant) I was diagnosed anemic. Taking a pill every day is easy peasy, but I remember them making me soo constipated and I already am that! 

Currently craving: still - cereal, turkey sandwiches (specifically Jimmy Johns!), coke, chocolate (but I've been a little picky about this one, not just any chocolate will do!), berries and fresh food. Basically, I'm always eating. 

Wishing: it was Tuesday and I was on my way to the airport to pick up Stephen. Not that that wish is really in any way pregnancy related, but being a full time stay at home single pregnant mom is draining and I'm already missing my number two. 

What are you most looking forward to?: bringing our baby girl home. Even though we'll be leaving this place just two months after she's born, I am thrilled to be bringing her home to this home, in the gorgeous Spring of our neighborhood. In my mind, it's really all quite picturesque. 

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