Saturday, December 20, 2014

Thanksgiving in Fairbanks

Finally - Fairbanks, blogged! I'm always so anal about wanting my pictures to be in the order of their occurrence during our trip, but these are most likely not. It's been so long now I can't remember when exactly we did what, and while I could look at my phone (because that's where they all originate from - I never remember to take out my actual camera!) nap time is almost over and, well, "ain't no body got time for that!"

 ^^ On the left - In the Boise airport waiting to catch our flight to Seattle where we met Stephen and then proceeded up to Fairbanks together! One in the belly and one on the back, plus a fully stocked diaper bag made for a heavy load! But it got me through security in the fast lane and Uriah was a champ because he loves to be in his Ergo! On the right - We had a day to ourselves when Sherri had to work, so we took a family date to Barnes and Noble for coffee, books, trains and ^^ Duke, Uriah's new horse. He asked to take home the pink one with stars and sparkly hooves, so this one was a compromise ;) ^^
 ^^ On the left - A library date with cousins looking extra Alaskan in his winter hat, bear leggings and camo moccasins. Anywhere with books is a always a hit with this kid, but he loved the fish and turtle most of all :) On the right - The "beeg, beeg bear" at the UAF museum. Grandpa Wall got Uriah all sorts of excited about guns and shooting and hunting and bears and moose, so he loved all the animals on display. I don't know if I should thank Grandpa for that, or scold him... ^^
 ^^ Baby girl at 22 weeks! ^^
 ^^ Selfies of Stephen and I in the museum while Baba played chase with Uriah. You can see his little feet running away behind my head in the middle picture :) It sure was nice to spend so much time with family, all wanting to entertain Uriah, so Stephen and I could catch a few minutes here and there just the two of us ^^
 ^^ On the left - Leaving the museum, in the cold - hence the incredibly rosy cheeks! On the right - Thanksgiving with our little family of three (and a half!) It was sorta a weird trip, because everyone was sick and we were all trying to keep our kids away from each other, so we spent Thanksgiving with less people that we planned or wanted to, but it was still a great day! - the food was delicious and after dinner we set up the Christmas tree and listened to Christmas music all night :) ^^
 ^^ It may set at 3:00 pm, but it sure is pretty! ^^
 ^^ Working off that turkey dinner ;) Uriah thought this was so fun and kept bobbing his head to the beat of Stephen's peddling ^^ 
 ^^ Once Triston and Skylar were over their tummy aches, the boys were able to get in some good play time! These two are three months apart, Uriah being older, and were so fun to watch interact together! There was a lot of stealing toys and whining and maybe a little hitting, but there were a few sweet moments like this one, too :) ^^
 ^^ Uriah and his uncles (one honorary) I am so happy that my boy gets to grow up with such Godly examples of men, husbands and fathers. These men love our son so much and for that we are truly grateful! I loved watching them be uncles to Uriah and watching him take to them in turn ^^
 ^^ We were able to get in some girl time one morning while Stephen and Jon stayed at home with the boys. We chit chatted over coffee and went shopping at a local Christmas bazaar. It's pretty great that my sister-in-law and mother-in-law are also my friends! ^^
 ^^ All four Wall boys! Because of sickness, they were all together only once, and it was sadly after Stephen had left town for an interview, but gosh, aren't they cute?! I can't believe there are four under the age of three! This little girl of our is sure going to be outnumbered! ^^
^^ Little monkeys jumping on the bed! I can't get over how much these two look alike! Especially since people say Skylar looks like Steph and Uriah looks like me... I'll take it, though! Cuties!^^
 ^^ On the left - Uriah playing the guitar, one of his favorite things to do! On the right - Uriah really took to Uncle Jon, or as he calls him, "Non!" This is him giving Jon a back rub :) ^^
 ^^ A sister date! We convinced the grandparents to stay home with the three boys (which wasn't hard!) and Stephanie and I sat by the fire at Barnes and Noble sipping on coffee and swapping stories before going dress shopping! ...for her. Stephanie is competing in the Mrs. Alaska United States pageant and she wanted a second opinion on dress styles and colors. So fun, right?! The fact that she looks amazing in a paper bag made narrowing down dresses pretty hard, though ;) ^^ 
 ^^ The three musketeers! I can't wait to watch their relationships grow over the years! Though seeing them always make me wish we lived closer! ^^
^^ On the left - Their hug goodbye. Sweetest, ever! Skylar's face says it all! On the right - My view from Fairbanks to Seattle. Stephen left Fairbanks early for an interview, leaving me to fly home with Uriah solo. I was honestly worried sick about that (almost) 4 hour flight to Seattle, but I told him it was nap time and he fell asleep as we took off and was happy to watch a movie and read books the hour and half of the flight he was actually awake for. Thank you, Jesus! ;) ^^

And that's it! ...I think. I'm sure I'm forgetting something and I always leave wishing I had taken more (and better!) pictures, but whether the pictures show it or not, it was a trip to remember - probably our last one for quite awhile... But we always say that ;) We were so grateful to get to spend so much time with family, even if it was in random spurts trying to avoid the stomach bug. And we were very appreciative of Fairbanks' weather staying warm enough not to scare me off forever - Uriah even got to play in the snow one evening! 

I'm so very blessed to have married into such a loving and fun family - thanks, all, for loving our little family so well! You are loved right back! (And missed dearly!) 


  1. looks like such a fun trip! love time with family!

    1. Ah it really was! Wishing everyone hadn't been sick but I'll take what I can get!