Monday, November 25, 2013

the way my iPhone sees it

So we're here! Alaskaaa! Well, we've been here, but it's high time I started sharing this adventure on the blog. We're here until just after Christmas - two weeks down, four and a half left. The school put us up in a long term hotel and has provided a rental car for us. Stephen spends his day at the hospital, busy in his surgery rotation, while I chase Uriah around playing peek-a-boo. We've been getting to see our family almost every day, too, which we love! It is so fun to watch Uriah interact with his cousins, and I know his grandparents are soaking up every minute with all four of their grand babies together. Church, lunch outings, grocery shopping, time at the gym, play dates, dinner, power outages... We've been having so much fun here (despite the negative temperatures) and are really looking forward to Thanksgiving this week! (And the whole month of December!) More to come, soon enough. For now, an iPhone/Instagram peek at our temporary home and Alaska adventures.

^^ The digs ^^


  1. So beautiful! I would LOVE to go to Alaska! Enjoy all that snow :)

    1. I recommend visiting Alaska in the summertime, when the temperatures are far above zero! ;) But it really is gorgeous up here with all this snow! Happy holiday season to you and your hubby!