Thursday, November 14, 2013

taking stock 002

In September, I stole the idea of a blog post from this blog who stole it from this blog. I thought it was a fun way to share an overview of our life and my thoughts and feelings during that month. I thought it would be something I could do every month, make it sort of a staple post around here. But, then I forgot October. So, I'm off to a great start. But November is not over yet, and while our most recent changes (moving to Alaska!) probably deserve an actual post all it's own, we'll start our November blogging with this...

Making: uriah food. fruit, peas and corn, to be exact. yum.
Cooking: chocolate chip coconut cookies. ok, well, that was yesterday. but close enough.
Drinking: water. i should say, trying to drink water. does anyone else have a hard time staying hydrated in the winter?
Reading: hp. with my husband, every night. "after all this time? always."
Wanting: a fireplace. so i can properly snuggle and cuddle my baby boy and my sweet nephews in true winter fashion.
Looking: at uriah. he has completely captivated me and stolen my heart.
Playing: hide and seek. my knees are bruised from all this crawling, but the look of surprise on his face when i round the corner... priceless.
Wasting: thoughts.
Sewing: nothing. as usual.
Wishing: we had had more time with my momma in pocatello. i sure do miss my best girl friend.
Enjoying: texts from my daddy regarding sharks and woodland creatures and love.
Waiting: for bed time.
Liking: this chance to connect with family. it's easy to feel forgotten in boise, so far from alaska. it is truly a blessing to be here for the holidays.
Wondering: when uriah will say his first word. and take his first step. we're on the verge of so many "firsts"
Loving: the fact that uriah is now sleeping through the night (!!!) with no efforts on our end. he and i both are getting eight plus hours of sleep and it is magical.
Hoping: stephen doesn't get called in on a surgery tonight. i know it'll happen eventually. but just not tonight.
Marveling: at the beautiful white mess outside my window. it is cold and dangerous but oh so breathtaking.
Needing: some mommy daughter time. seriously though, i miss her.
Smelling: old lady. this apartment is old and my one vanilla candle isn't strong enough.
Wearing: tall fuzzy socks. the proper attire for a snow storm slash power outage.
Following: the norm.
Noticing: my sister's belly getting bigger and bigger. we are so excited to meet you, baby girl!
Knowing: it'll be ok in the end doesn't make it any easier.
Thinking: i should have appreciated stephen's past easy going schedule more, and prepared better for his new busy one. i am missing him.
Feeling: bothered.
Bookmarking: holiday crafts and decorations. all of which make no sense to do here in our temporary home. someday we will be able to get a christmas tree. someday.
Opening: my mind to new thoughts. both good and bad.
Giggling: over uriah's babbles and attempts at talking. he has got my laugh lines permanently dented.
Feeling: sleepy.


  1. love this idea. i may have to steal it, too!

    1. Steal away! I thought it would make a fun monthly post! Which was, I think, the original bloggers intent - for others to copy and do the same!

  2. I havent seen a post in awhile so thought id check ur blog. Yay for new blogs and I love this! I may have to steal it too.