Sunday, March 3, 2013


I'm a little behind, but not for poor reason. I have been soaking in and enjoying every moment of being a mom. It has taken a month, but I finally feel like we maybe know what we're doing around here. Not all the time, I assure you. But our days are starting to fall into more of a pattern and our schedule is a bit more predictable. Amongst the crazy first couple of weeks, though, we had some very special visitors. My mom came back to town and brought my dad, Ashley, and Harper with her! Though Harper brought with her and left behind her cold, I'm so happy my family was able to meet Uriah! We "ooed" and "awed" and gushed over him all weekend. And Harper, too! Who is walking and talking and oh so very smart! She loved her cousin and gave him kisses and "loves" any chance she got. 

You'd think with all our iphones and cameras we'd have more pictures from our weekend... Nevertheless, we loved having my family here and are so thankful for all their love, help, and support. Wouldn't want to lounge, shop, walk, eat with anyone else ;) We miss you guys and can't wait to see you later this month at the beach, mom!

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