Saturday, December 10, 2011


As my aunt calls it.
But before Warshington...

Last time I left off we were in Idaho.
This is me writing my last blog post.
Being productive... Obviously.
We loved every minute with my family
and (again) are so happy we were able to be there!

And while we were, my mom was sweet enough 
to take our Christmas card photos!
Though it took longer to do my hair than it did to take the pictures...
We LOVE how they turned out!
We grabbed our Christmas lights and spent about 
twenty minutes out in our front yard at sunset!
Thanks, momma! 

And as always when we go to Pocatello,
I like to visit Ashley at work :)
Stephen was a huge hit :)

Our Thanksgiving travels took us to Prosser, Washington
where my daddy and his family grew up.
Always love being in the company of the Ryan crew :)
We're a large and loud bunch, 
but I wouldn't have it any other way!
On a walk through the never ending wheat fields with husband and sister!
The whole fam damily :)
The weekend was full of laughter, love, and Just Dance.
A lot of Just Dance.
(A dancing game on the WII that I am terrible at!)

Can't help but feel blessed when surrounded by such amazing people, especially during Thanksgiving time. This has been a big year for Stephen and I (understatement of the century!). We truly are so grateful for all that we've got to experience this year and for the people that have shared in those experiences. Writing a simple 'thank you' on a blog post doesn't quite do it justice, but to my parents... We (literally) wouldn't be where we are today without. You have given us so much...more than we deserve. And more than my college education, our beautiful wedding, all the wonderful gifts and help in our new adventure, I want to thank you for loving us, to no avail. You are my heroes, my role models, my best friends... The reason I am who I am and the reason I want to be better... We are so grateful to have spent this Thanksgiving time with you; I couldn't have imagined a more perfect way to spend our time :) This Thanksgiving, 
we are thankful for YOU.

Another thing to be thankful for?!
And cousins turning 21!
My aunt Shannon threw Ashley a baby shower while we were there!
Everything pink for the baby girl :)
Fun games, good company, cute gifts, 
and yummy ice cream sundaes! 
Boys being pregnant :)
Opening presents!
We also got to celebrate cousin 
Spenser's 21st birthday
Though the town of Kennewick wasn't exactly "poppin'",
it was fun to go out with all my cousins :)
My favorite part of the night, though?
My heart to heart with Spenser 
in the back of the car 
over a bag of Gardettos :)
Birthday boy!
Blow job shot off of cousin Carson!
First drink of the night!
The next day, Ashley left for Idaho and the two of us, 
my parents, and grandparents headed for Oregon! 

I always love going home... 
The smell, the warmth, the cats!... 
And I loved getting to see my family for Thanksgiving :) 
So grateful aunt Shannon let us take over her house for a few days!

Week two of my vacation will be in a following post :)

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  1. ADORABLE Christmas Card pictures I love them! :) And the first thing I noticed was your pretty hair! LOL :) very cute!