Monday, November 21, 2011

i - da - HO

And Washington.
And Oregon.
Then back to Anchorage.
Then to Fairbanks.
Then to Belize.
:) :) :)

Stephen and I are currently in Idaho with my family
and loving every minute!
My parents offered to fly us down here for Thanksgiving!
(Boy, oh boy are we SO grateful!)
Stephen has a whole week off from school,
it was perfect!
They picked us up from the Boise airport late Saturday night.
In the Seattle Airport!
Sunday we spent simply in each other's company,
making goodies, watching movies, running errands...
We're both so happy 
to be home and with family :)
Stephen and his kitty :)
Momma and her puppy :)
My Pocatello home and the city behind it :)
Today (Monday) Stephen and I got up early to make daddy breakfast.
(Yummy egg, cheese, and bacon sandwich) 
When he left for work we snuggled back up in bed 
and watched some Friends episodes (my favorite!)
Went to a yummy lunch with momma 
at 5th Street Bagelry (also my favorite!)
And we just got done taking Christmas card pictures :)
On the schedule for tonight is another 
yummy dinner and 'Water for Elephants'. 
I've seen the movie and it's a good one! 
But I'm the only one, 
so it'll be fun to share it with the others!

Tomorrow Stephen and I want to visit Ashley at the daycare,
always a fun part of coming home :)

Wednesday afternoon we are leaving for Prosser, Washington
to meet up with the rest of the Ryan clan!
I don't remember the last time we were all together 
for Thanksgiving (if we ever were!) 
but I'm really looking forward to it!
Stephen and I haven't gotten to see our family since the wedding,
fun and games are sure to commence :)
(Including a baby shower for Ashley and Spenser's 21st birthday celebration!) 

After the weekend, Stephen, 
my parents and I are heading to Oregon!
Stephen is flying back to Alaska :(
My parents are heading to their beach condo
and I'm heading to Corvallis to spend a few days 
with Erica and Melissa and the rest of the Kappa girls :)
Next week will be spent in the kitchen making goodies, 
swapping stories, 
having sleepovers, 
Before flying home I'll get to spend a couple nights 
with my parents at the condo...
really looking forward to the ocean and their company :)

Stephen and I will be back in Anchorage for two weeks (first round of med school finals!) before going to Fairbanks to spend Christmas break with the Wall family.
We're so excited to get to spend so much time with them!
Looking forward to going to church (Jeff (Stephen's dad) is a pastor at Friends Community Church), the annual ugly sweater/cookie decorating party, techno dance parties in Stephen's room, sleepovers, CHRISTMAS, and babysitting Triston :)

The day after Christmas Stephen and I 
are going to BELIZE with his parents!
I got a phone call from Jeff one day...
After we exchanged 'hellos' 
he asked if I wanted to go to Belize.
like it was no big deal.
It was such a surprise to Stephen and I 
but we (obviously!) accepted the opportunity! 
We are so grateful they want to take us along!
I'm really happy for the chance to spend so much time 
with them and to get to know them better!
And in a beautiful setting, too! :)

Stephen and I are truly SO happy to have the opportunity to share this holiday season with (literally!) all of our family and friends! We couldn't be more grateful for their love! Or for God's :) May we never forget to thank Him, too, in all of this excitement! 

Promise to keep you updated with pictures and details of our trip!
Happy Thanksgiving to all!


  1. So excited to have you guys here for christmas!
    looks like you'll have a great time this next month! love you guys
    excited for triston to spend time with his aunt and uncle!

  2. So happy you are enjoying married life Allison! :) AND! I am so glad you all are doing well! It sounds like you have a busy, but awesome, couple weeks coming up! :) Have fun!