Monday, October 24, 2011

One, two, THREE day weekend!

When daddy heard I had a three day weekend, 
he requested a blog post a day...
Sorry, dad! ;)

One blog post at the end of it all 
will hopefully do just fine...

Friday night was girls night.
While Stephen was celebrating a classmate's birthday, 
four girls from the WWAMI program
and four wives 
(of four men in the WWAMI program)
got together do do what we do best...
Get dressed up, 
sip on caramel apple martinis, 
and talk, talk, talk for hours!
A fun night it was :)
So thankful Jackie put the evening together!

Saturday was a lazy day...
just what the doctor ordered :)
Stephen and I slept in, 
studied, baked, read, watched movies...
It was marvelous :)

Sunday was church day!
As always :)
And I think we found our church home!
It's a smaller community, 
similar to the church we attended in Corvallis,
it's called True North.
I'm really glad I had the day off 
to go with Stephen :)

After church I attempted an art project!
Another one I found on Pinterest :)
It was super easy and simple, 
only took a few minutes!
I had a plane white lampshade in our bedroom,
so I took a sharpie to it!
I wrote the lyrics to our wedding song on it.
Marry Me, by Train...good song :)

After, I cleaned our house from top to bottom.
We were having guests for dinner!
(Which took two hours to make! 
...I haven't quite perfected my skills in the kitchen.)
Aaron and Rosie came over to caesar salad with hard boiled eggs, homemade cheese breadsticks, and chicken and spinach stuffed shells. 
It was a process, but it was delicious :)
We carved pumpkins!
I've carved pumpkins a few times 
when I was little, 
but the last time I had was two years 
ago in the Delta Chi kitchen...
This was our first Facebook photo :)
I quit my job that day 
so I could be there to carve 
that pumpkin with him.
And to think what might have 
happened if I hadn't...
I might not have been doing it again last night.
But I was :)
And I am forever grateful :)
The boys!
The girls!

My favorite part of the weekend, though?!
Getting to tell everyone we are having a NIECE!
My big sissy has a sweet baby girl in her tummy :)
On FaceTime in the doctor's office!
She loves me already :)
That baby sure is going to be loved :)
Not only does she have the greatest mommy,
she's got a pretty good aunt and uncle, too ;)

Happy Monday, all!
Hi to my mommy and daddy!
Miss you and love you always!

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  1. Ok Allyson I have officaily cried everytime I open your blog! LOL You are darling I love your posts! And YAY YAY YAY for a neice! I too am super excited for your sister and your family! She is going to be a beautiful baby that is for sure!