Monday, October 3, 2011


is where your HEART is
and where your HUSBAND is
and where your MOM is
or all of the above.

This weekend Stephen and I traveled 
up to Fairbanks to see our FAMILY!
(My most favorite way to spend my time)
On the plane!
We got in on Thursday night 
and my parents picked us up from the airport.
(which was weird, because they don't live there!)
We went straight to the church 
to help set up for the banquet,
then headed home for some much needed Zz's.

By Friday morning Jeff and Sherri 
(Stephen's parents) were back from New York.
The six of us spent a lazy morning 
eating breakfast and swapping stories. 
It was so awesome to have my parents 
there with us at their house!
Moose on the loose!
Once we were all awake and ready, 
we headed into town to see 
Jon and Steph and meet Triston!
Their little home is the cutest 
(Stephanie's an amazing decorator!) 
and their sweet little boy is PERFECT!
We spent most of the morning fighting 
over who got to hold him :) 
Loved getting to catch up with them, though! 
After, we dropped Stephen off at a coffee shop to study, Sherri had a class to teach, and the rest of us went to the church to finalize the set up. 
We all met back up for a yummy lunch at Guliver's 
(best wraps in town!)
Stephen, my parents, and I snuck into 
Sherri's 2:00 economics class and got to 
watch her teach for a bit :)
We've heard nothing short of her being an amazing professor and all we've heard was true! 
It was fun to see her at her podium :)
We ran a few more errands in town (including a trip to the UAF bookstore and a purchase of some sweet blue sweatpants) then headed back to the Wall's to get ready for the banquet!

...Which was amazing!
My mom's photos looked SO good displayed 
and everyone LOVED them!
The amazing photographer :)
The food was delicious (especially the desserts!)
the entertainment was fun, 
and the speakers were amazing!
My mother included :)
She did such a good job 
(even despite her fear of public speaking!) 
Her stories were true and heartfelt.
I'm so proud of her for getting involved, going to Thailand and experiencing what she did, and sharing her story and motivating others to donate and get involved. 
Almost all her pictures were sold by the end of the night, and so much money was raised to support Partners. 
If you're interested at all 
in Partners and their cause, 
please read more on their website 
or on their Facebook page. 

Friday night ended in blue sweatpants, 
silly games, wine, laughs, and so much love :)

Saturday, my parents and I got to do 
a little exploring on the island.
(Stephen's parents own land (an island) on the Tanana river at the edge of their property. This is also where Jeff has cleared an airstrip for his seems like everyone in Alaska has a plane!)
It was a little chilly but a beautiful morning! 
The airstrip and the plane!
My cutest parents :)
Sad Stephen is inside studying :(
The backside of the island and the gorgeous view!
After our walk, while Jeff was getting the plane ready to take my parents out, the three of us went into town and had ourselves a little photoshoot on campus and a yummy lunch at LuLu's :)

Then, (and maybe my mom's favorite part of the trip!) 
my parents went flying!
My mom with Jeff Wall and my dad 
with Jeff Barney (Stephanie's daddy).
In her words, "It was SO fun!"
They both loved it :)
And how could they not?!
The view is amazing!
Daddy in the plane with the other Jeff!

When they got back the guests started to arrive!
We had a yummy dinner (thanks, Sherri!) and lots of good company :)
baby Triston :)
baby Emmett :)

Sunday was church day!
With the Sanders :)
My parents and I volunteered in the 
toddler room during the 9:00 service,
where my dad was a huge hit :)
A sweet little girl cried when her dad came in to get her, clung to my dad's neck and said she didn't want to leave! 
...I know Addison, I like him, too ;)

Oddny was speaking at church 
(an amazing woman dedicated to Partners who took my mom and sister into Burma. She's got some amazing stories to share, read her blog!)
Her talk was incredible, of course!, motivating us all to take a leap of faith.
Next was a yummy lunch of moose burgers 
at the Barney's house (Stephanie's parents)
Everyone we love most was there to share in the afternoon, 
it was perfect :)
Stephen and Triston :)
My favorites :)
Grandpa and Grandma Wall!
The rest of the day included more studying for Stephen, a nap snuggled together with my parents, and a very tearful goodbye in the Fairbanks airport. 
My parents are on their way home to Pocatello 
and Stephen and I got home late last night. 
Though we don't know when we'll see them next, 
we are so grateful to have 
spent this weekend with them.
And with Stephen's parents, too!
The four of them are more than an inspiration to us. 

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