Thursday, May 4, 2017

Ezra, at two

I have been avoiding writing this post for too long - not because I'm sad about Ezra turning two, but I just don't know how to truly share her so that everyone else can see what we see! So let's just start with the facts: Ezra is 31 pounds, in the 93%ile for weight and 2' 10.5", in the 69%ile for height. I'm not sure how Stephen makes short babies, but I'm assuming she'll spike up in height in the next year - those chubby legs will have to thin out eventually (though I'm dreading the day!) She is wearing size 5 diapers, 3T clothes and size 7 shoes. She's got all but her last three molars, takes a 2 hour nap every day and sleeps from 8-6:30. She is running, climbing (she loves the "spiderweb" ropes at the park), jumping, riding her balance bike and swimming, with floaties ;) She is extremely independent and does everything herself - "I do it mysef!" She talks all day, about everything - her vocabulary is limitless and I love to listen to her! Her favorite colors are pink and purple, her favorite animal is a horse and her favorite thing to do is "pay magna tiles wif Riah".

But now how do I share who she is?!

Miss Ezra Lee is so full of life! You can't be around her and not smile - it's impossible, really! She is content and happy and bashful and silly and beautiful and, like I've been saying since she was born, JOYFUL! She is so quirky, always copying and repeating her brother, lights up when daddy walks in the door and doesn't go anywhere without her blanket. She makes the best pouty lip and sorry face, which almost always results in a shorter time out (and a few laughs from mom and dad!) She could sit and read books for hours, on my lap or by herself, loves Thomas the Train and lining him up with all his friends to pull through the house and can build the most impressive Magna Tile houses. She can bug hunt and build Legos right along with Uriah, is constantly collecting sticks and rocks and loves changing her baby doll's diapers. Donatello is her favorite Ninja Turtle and she runs around with her arms outstretched behind her fighting "the Kraang Droids!", always insisting on wearing one of her Ninja Turtle shirts. She loves the ocean and the sand and the swings. She is terrified of loud noises and parking lots. She loves swimming and bath time - total water babe! She is quick to gives "loves" and hugs to all animals (living or stuffed!) and friends. Her eyes disappear when she smiles and her hair curls when it's wet. She is resilient and tough and can take a scab to the knee with minimal tears. She calls herself "Ezra Lee Wall Princess" and is always calling Uriah "big broder". She has a surprisingly deep voice and I love her sound effects. She covers her face when she's embarrassed or runs into my legs, but is so quick to make friends - everyone loves Ezra Lee!

Thank you, Jesus, for the gift of Ezra - she is such a JOY! We pray every day for your health and happiness, baby girl! Cheers to two years and all the many more to come!

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