Wednesday, September 7, 2016

long lost pictures from Stephen's phone

I was looking through the pictures on Stephen's phone recently and discovered several from December to April that I had never seen before! Ones I had at least not shared here. If I was really on top of my game, I would search back through old posts and update them with these pictures, buuutttt I'm just going to dump them here instead ;)

 ^^ Picking out our Christmas tree last December! You guys! Look how little she was!! 

^^ "Helping" mommy shop at Gap ;)  

^^ It was definitely empty. And only maybe washed out. We're good parents, I promise. 

 ^^ Beach days! When Ezra was little enough to wear in the Ergo on your chest and her head not get in the way of your own! 

^^ Lunch at The Chowder House in Alaska! Playing under the table with cousin James  

^^ Touring campus with the Winders during their visit in March  

^^ More time at the beach! Go figure ;) I like my babies sandy!  

 ^^ Our sunny, yummy trip to Pescadero! Maybe I shared some of these pictures...? It was definitely a trip worth sharing! 

^^ A date with dad to "the little park"! I'm so grateful for a hubby who enjoys being a daddy and willingly takes the kiddos on adventures so I can have some Allison time!

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