Friday, March 11, 2016

eleven months

Size: Ezra is wearing size 4 diapers and 12-18 month clothes. A few 6-12 months pieces are still floating around her dresser, but, for the most part, her torso is too long and her legs are too chubby.

Eat: Ezra is still nursing about 5 times a day, somedays 7 or 8 (!!!) It sounds like a lot when I type it out, but it is just such an easy, natural part of our day, I don't even think about it until I go to write these updates. During the day she doesn't nurse for long - she's easily distracted by the sound of her big brother playing - so that might be why we do it so often, it's usually just a quick top off, but it's easier than getting her in the chair and preparing food 5+ times a day while trying to work around Uriah's eating, sleeping, play schedule. It's helping keep those rolls around so I'm not complaining ;) I've been blessed with such great nursing experiences, I'm not in a hurry to wean her down. She is eating solids, too, about 3-5 times a day, depending. She loves fruit - blueberries, bananas, applesauce, pears - bread of any kind (she is, after all, my daughter), black beans, edamame, sweet potato, oatmeal, Cheerios, carrots, green beans, zucchini... I don't think there's anything she hasn't tried and she has always liked what's given to her.

Teeth: Little Miss has five teeth with a sixth making it's debut. Other than the constant drool and finger chewing, this last tooth hasn't seemed to bother her too much - thanking our lucky stars!

Sleep: For the most part, Ezra has always been a great sleeper. And has continued with that "for the most part" attitude into 11 months. Typically sleeping through the night, occasionally waking 1-2 times for various reasons that either lead to 1, letting her cry it out, 2, rocking her for a few minutes and laying her back down awake but content, or 3, nursing. Really, we have no middle of the night routine and it's all depending on how I'm feeling when those cries seep into my bedroom at 2 am. She, does, however, have a pretty consistent routine, otherwise. She wakes for the day between 6-7, as early as 5:30 and as late as 8. With Uriah, though he never slept in, anyway, I'd try and keep him on a schedule and usually wake him around the same time every morning if need be, so the rest of his day wouldn't get thrown off. With the second one? No. Let her sleep! Never wake a sleeping baby, so they say ;) She takes her morning nap an hour or two after she wakes, an afternoon nap at the same time Uriah goes down, between 12-1, and is in bed between 6:30-7:30. In true second baby fashion, she is such a go with the flow baby. She gets cranky when she's tired, yes, but never objects to a nap in the car or the Ergo and can be easily entertained while stretching nap time.

Milestones: Ezra is WALKING! She took her first few steps just three days after turning ten months old and just didn't quit from there! For a while, she'd walk a ways, fall down and then take off crawling, but I don't think I've seen her crawl in a week or so...?! It is officially her go-to form of transportation and it's so dang cute! The drunken toddler walk is my favorite! While she can say "dada", "momma", "yi-uh" and "doll", and knows signs for "all done", "more" and "nurse", she has completely stopped saying them! She has, instead, decided to point and grunt - the girl makes constant noises like a monkey! It's half cute half frustrating, but mostly cute! Just something we'll have to continue working on. I don't think Uriah really picked up signing until just after he turned one... We'll see! She is still clapping, waving and giving high fives and recently started giving kisses! Aka, letting you kiss her extended forehead ;)

Likes: Ezra is a GIRL! Which I knew, yes! But the innate difference between a boy and a girl are really starting to shine the older Ezra gets. Without persuasion she is into all things pink and girly! She loves playing with her doll - giving it "loves" and kisses, putting it in her walker and walking around the living room, dragging it everywhere. She tries putting anything that resembles a hat on her head (Uriah's bike helmet is quite possibly her favorite toy right now) and anything that resembles a necklace or a shirt around her neck and shoulders. Looks like we have a lot of dress up to play in our future! She is still her daddy's biggest fan and just adores him! Uriah, too! She loves to play chase and hide and seek with him and always giggles at his singing. She lights up when he pays attention to her or holds her! Ezra loves being outside, bath time, reading books (major book worm on our hands, here!), being worn in the Ergo or strapped in the stroller, swinging at the park, climbing (anything is a jungle gym to this monkey!) and Uriah's superheroes. Oh, and eating. The girl likes to eat! Just walking into the kitchen will set her off!

Dislikes: This list is still a short one! She still doesn't like being laid down in the bathtub, hates her nose being wiped and pitches a fit when Uriah takes something out of her hand (rightfully!)

Things I want to remember: Oh, Ezra, I want to remember all of it! The way she buries her head in my neck when we walk up to someone new. The way she smiles at everything that moves. The way she growls like a little gremlin and laughs like a screech owl. The constant stream of drool hanging from her mouth. The way her fuzzy head feels on my cheek. The way she eats with one foot propped up on the table. The girl radiates JOY and I want to bottle it all!

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